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Meet Our Crew.

Meet the Founders

Kareem Qureshi

Founder & CEO

Kareem has over 35 years of international CRM experience across UK, Europe and Asia-Pacific. He has designed and developed CRM software for global banks, telcos and marketing agencies such as Ogilvy. He founded Star CRM as a means to fulfil his passion for solving problems for Clients, using math and technology. STARDriver® CRM Engine is the realization of that vision! When not providing innovation and inspiration to his team, you will find him scuba diving, running marathons, duathlons, triathlons and riding fast bikes!

Sharada Qureshi


Sharada has over 23 years of CRM experience across the Asia-Pacific region. With her strong skills in marketing, data, analytics and technology, Sharada has been a trusted advisor to many Clients across industries. She has rolled out several platforms for Clients encompassing CRM software and services. She joined Kareem’s quest for creating CRM excellence in Asia in 2002 and brings structure, focus and clarity to the team at Star CRM. When not chasing the team on day-to-day operations, she enjoys marathons, duathlons, kickboxing, yoga and cooking !

Our History

The firm was set up in August 1998 by Kareem Qureshi, a specialist with over 30 years of expertise in CRM strategy, software and database management. Born and brought up in London, Kareem spent much of his early career days working for UK’s largest banks and telcos. Some years and adventures later, Kareem arrived in Malaysia in 1998 for a 1-month consulting assignment and has not left since!

Kareem decided that Malaysia deserved a high-performance CRM capability at par with global players. So, he set up Star Solutions (now known as Star CRM) with a vision to providing companies in Asia with access to cutting-edge CRM software, world class marketing strategies, supported by an understanding of the intricacies of the local market.

In 2002, Kareem was joined in his quest to create value for Clients by his business partner, Sharada Balagopalan, a world-class marketing specialist from India with over 18 years of expertise in CRM strategy, technology and data. With her sound skills in marketing strategy and execution, she defined in practical, actionable terms what marketers needed and how Star Solutions could support Clients around the region.

Together, Kareem and Sharada’s unique combination of technology and marketing skills allowed them to create a hugely compelling proposition in terms of CRM software and services, giving Clients all the marketing ammunition they needed to engage with their customers efficiently and effectively.

One of the many innovations from Kareem and Sharada is STARDriver® CRM Engine, responsible for solving countless problems for Clients in the areas of database management, analytics, multi-channel campaigns, loyalty program management, sales management, help desk and outbound call centre operations.

This truly places Star CRM in a unique position to offer marketing solutions with the benefit of pragmatism, unavailable in many software companies, advertising agencies, database management vendors and call centre service providers.

Star CRM understands critical success factors that must be present, as well as specific, tangible advice for companies seeking to build robust fact-based marketing capabilities. Today, Star CRM Sdn. Bhd. has evolved strongly and silently from providing quality database management services to the full spectrum of CRM software and services.

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