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STARDriver® Loyalty Program Software is a cutting-edge loyalty solution offered by Asia’s leading CRM Software provider, designed to support customer engagement, acquisition, retention, cross-sell, up-sell, referrals, and churn mitigation initiatives.

Points-based program? Non-points-based program? Promo codes? To ensure you are able to secure and improve your customer loyalty and engagement, our loyalty solution brings it all together via a member mobile app, member website, integration with sales data, loyalty engine, and loyalty dashboard. One central platform to deepen your customer engagement, build loyalty and generate increased revenues.

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STARDriver® Loyalty Manager

STARDriver® Loyalty Manager is a 70% out-of-the-box solution needing only 30% customization and configuration. This means that we can easily cater to your company’s customization requirements without having to start from ground zero. This also means that your lead times to go LIVE are significantly reduced, making our solution an excellent choice for your CRM and marketing campaign needs.

Our loyalty software provides cutting-edge features like membership management, points management, and customer activity tracking, thus ensuring efficient and effective customer engagement to drive repeat business and boost revenue.

Key features include:

Loyalty management software UK

The purpose of business is to ultimately create and keep a customer with strong engagement! Our loyalty program software helps you to do just that.

Fantastic set of tools and features that can support various types of loyalty programs.

Powerful cloud-based solution fully powered by Oracle.

We got your back.

At Star CRM, we transform Client businesses with our cutting-edge suite of CRM software and services. Our solutions will equip you with all the ammunition you need to create relevant, meaningful engagement with your customers. We cater to Enterprise and SME customers, with options for both customization and ready plug-and-play deployment.

Robust, state-of-the-art solutions.

Our CRM software solutions are powerful, innovative and have been built on the most robust technology platforms such as Oracle.

Reduced lead times.

Our solutions are 70% out-of-the-box, requiring only 30% customization and configuration. Which means lead times to go live are significantly reduced.

High quality meets fair price.

No hidden charges. No sales reps trying to sell you things you do not need. What you pay is a fair and reasonable price for a high-quality CRM software solution that will work for your business.

Fully hosted solution.

Fully hosted solution allowing you to focus on your business without worrying about servers, storage, security, and firewalls.

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